Monday, November 22, 2010

Session 3 and Aftermath

After hanging out in the underground structure, the party decided to go after the "other ping" that directed the sword. Leading them South and East the group happened upon a weird tall obelisk in the desert with 4 portals, one of which was broken.

Cycling through all the avenues the party discovers that the mysterious horned liche has beaten them to the punch and retrieved the crown shaped Imaskarcana from it's holding place, although not with out some cost to itself. The liche had a large gaping wound in it's center and did not seem to be able to function mentally.

You know that each of the Imaskarcana must be specifically triggered by the appropriate language and bloodline, failure to meet these requirements offers dire consequences. The Liche flees to the South and the intrepid band of adventurers follows in semi-hot pursuit ( they waited a day as the liche buried a quarter of the obelisk underneath sand he himself created.)

Once the troupe finally caught up to the Liche he had already constructed a strange magical circle and was in the midst of casting a spell when he was interrupted by the meddlesome gang. The Liche tried to maintain his concentration through Dace's, Melchiah's and Iocuono's attacks but finally could not after Aen broke his focus by shooting arrows constantly.

Enraged and seemingly still somewhat lacking his regular mental facilities the Liche tried to disintigrate Melchiah then turned and fled after nearly being blasted. The Liche fled straight West, trying and failing to dodge blasts, although his spell resistance denied most of the damage it was a flight the liche was destined not to finish. Abruptly the liche turned around smiled and recived a furious blast to the face and was blasted to pieces, surprisingly leaving only the Imaskarcana crown behind.

The party maintained a Westerly run trying to search for the Liche's hideout (and phylactery)alighting on the entrance to a large cave in the mountains. That turned out to be the lair of a fang dragon named Asphyxious. After it was deemed that no liches were there (and that Melchiah and Iocuono failed a caster level check against a Nondetection spell) The party flew back to the Liche's casting circle to determine what the liche was trying to do.

Iocuono determined that the spell circle was designed as a very targetd plane shift. usually when you planeshift you show up at a random spot in the desired plane, however the Liche was trying to basically drill a hole through to a coterminious plane, the Astral Plane.

The group takes a step back and rememebers that their buyer is ready for the purchase of the Rod of Lordly Might back in the large city of Skuld.

Dace and Portia psionically jump to Skuld whilst Iocuono, Melchiah and Aen hang back with their 2 recovered Imaskarcana.

Upon to entrance Rhet-Tep's shop the party notices two clerics there who (through the gift of Dace's psionic crystal) Melchiah says look similarly garbed to some of the Mulan clerics he has seen, and they carry holy symbols of Thoth; a neutral lawful god.

High Cleric Arrarak seeks information about Deep Imaskar, The Imaskari ruins and the news that some of the Imaskarcana still exist. He has hired a different group of adventurers headed by a ranger from Battledale to search the ruins looking for clues. When the shop keeper's accounts of the adventuring group reached his ears however he decided to look into the matter himself. He seems smart, and wants to question the group further. He seems earnest and fairly straight to the point.

Currently the group is deciding what their next course of action is. Time for interim pseudo DnD discussions!

Ask away the DM will answer, although keep dice ready. It's honor system role play time.


P.S. We need an adventuring group name ala "The Order of the Stick"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Session 2 and Aftermath

Session 2 was shortened a bit due to Scott Pilgrim, but that movie is pretty good.

In our last episode we saw the characters visiting Skuld, which is the largest city in the nation of Mulhorand. The city is basically run by clerics of Thoth and seems very orderly and lawful. Extremely lawful. On the other axis you couldn't really get a good feel one way or another.

After finding a buyer for the Rod of Lordly Might. (Who could gather the required funds in 3 days) The group of intrepid explorers used Dace the psionic taxi to meet back up with Melchiah and Aen back at the plains of purple dust.

Using the Sword Imaskarcana's innate dousing rod-like abilities the adventurers chose the path that led them to three obsidian pylons. With some knowledge skills Portia was able to determine that maybe this was a bigger structure.

Iocuono used his arcane wizardry to polymorph himself into a remorhaz in order to burrow deeper and get a better look. However in doing so he made himself a target for the abundant purple worm population.

The poor wizard was sorely outmatched in combat, his only defense being to turn on his new form's innate heat ability. Under the distraction Iocuono was able to break free and burst for the surface only to be caught again just as he breached the purple desert by the same worm with two of it's associates following closely behind.

Once on the surface the worms were cut down fairly quickly by the combined efforts of Dace, Aen, and Melchiah with musical support courtesy of Portia.

Iocuono did indeed confirm that there was a larger domed structure underneath the sand, but he was sorely wounded and had used up most of his spells for the day. The party agreed as a whole to rest up that night.

Aen convinced the team that it would be a good idea to sleep on top of the pillars lest anything untoward happen during the night. Little lights began to appear on the desert surface shortly after sun down. As the night drove on the lights congealed into recognizable forms of people. Melchiah thought they wore religious garb, similar to the bodies he encountered within the Faith Stealer golem. As the night wore on into the darkening hours and beyond the ethereal forms all seemed to stop and suddenly yell and scream and shake then a large ghostly pulse shot forth from the pillars on which the party was perched and the apparitions were wiped clean out of the desert night.

The next morning found the party preparing for their day and then off into the domed structure underneath. The inside of the dome was sparsely furnished, it seemed like a staging area of some sort. located on a dais at the far end of the dome was a large ring set up on its end with various arcane symbols etched around it's edge. This was the object that pulled the sword. Iocuono determined it to be a massive planar gate that could be keyed to different planes of existence and most probably opened using the sword.

Exploring the rest of the structure yielded the discovery of a still active teleportation circle, an armory and a large holding area of some kind.

-There are 2 days left until your buyer will have his funds.
-You know that there are dire consequences in using the Imaskarcana improperly
-This structure looks completely undisturbed, unlike castle Bhualin which was crawling with undead
-You still don't have a definite idea of how the sword works although you figure it can open the gate somehow.
-You have not encountered the creature that tried to take the sword away from you a couple of days ago during your encounter with the Faith Stealer golem.
-You earned 4,850 exp from last session

Monday, November 8, 2010

Session 1 and Aftermath

Our first sessions saw a major battle in the castle Bhualin. The fight with the Faith-Stealer Golem as well as the augmented undead went fairly well (and there was that weird sand guy...). Through scouting of the ancient castle you were able to get where the undead had not.

As you discovered in the books, the Imaskari were an ancient humanoid race that lived thousands of years ago. They were primarily artificers and were fascinated by extra-dimensional spaces, as well as planar travel.

The Imaskari used their vast magical powers to open a rift and steal humanoids from other dimension to use as slaves. Over time the humanoid slaves are generally referred to as the "Mulan" race.

The Imaskari developed artifacts to seperate the Mulan deities from their people, eventually they created artifacts called "The Imaskarcana" That allowed them to kill the mulan gods, the last of which was Horus.

There were seven Imaskarcana made. The exact description of what they do is not in any of the three books. However it seems that all were designed to limit or destroy divine presence and divine magic. If a user tried to activate any of the artifacts abilities in a language other than imaskari they would pay a dire price.

That is a summary of all of the relevent knowledge you gain from the books.

Bobby mentioned a teleport protocol to sell your un-needed items. Here are some things to think about:

The Rod of Lordly Might will attract attention, it shouldn't be too difficult to sell in a larger city but they may have quesions. You may also attract treasure hunters or thieves.

The artifact sword that Aen has in his possession is indeed one of the Imaskarcana. To someone with no magical insight it appears to be just a fancy sword. Anyone with any magical aptitude will be able to tell that the sword is an artifact even without using a detect magic spell. Any divine magic user will automatically have an unfriendly attitude towards the welder unless they know them personally. From what you can tell right now divine magic has a muted affect on the sword. However you have yet to ascertain what abilities (if any) the artifact posesses.

It will be difficult to bring that sword into a large city without causing problems. There is also a good chance that now that the sword is out in the open it may attract divine attention.

If you want to teleport before the session on this wed that is fine, but let me know how you are going to do it here (I got the technical aspect, but are you going to take everyone, split up, hide the artifact, take it with.). Let me know your plan and I will work out if anything too crazy happens.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here we go

Here is a quick plot synopsis:
After purchasing some items from our previous adventure in Waterdeep it turns out some of the money we were using to purchase our wares was indeed form an ancient society.

Hey gold's still gold so the shops accepted our payment, but our transactions piqued the interest of a Loremaster named Elsberry. He is the proprietor of a local museum that holds ancient books and curios. There had recently been a break in and the reason that we were over there is that the loremaster could link the civilization that both our gold and the items that were stolen came from. Unfortunately, that did not mean much because he had little information other than "old", and they were from the same people.

Elsberry did give our group the location of the person who had originally sold him the box and its contents, one Romilia Delascoe. She resides in a cottage just on the Western edge of the Ardeep forest near Waterdeep.

She seemed a hospitable person and graciously allowed our adventuring group the liberty of camping in her front lawn, Melchiah was nice enough to provide food (cleric's are handy!)

Romilia told us her father used to belong to a group of adventurers. These adventurers had originally built the cottage as their group's meeting place. The cottage is strategically placed close by to a twin set of portals. One of which is a one way that leads to a gnome's lab in Silvery Moon. The other leads to a mountain several hundred miles east. In that mountain top there are portals to several other places all over Faerun. The key feature our party had to go on besides old, was the fact that there was purple sand/dust in the container. We found a journal of Romilia's father that talked about a purple desert. Sure enough one of the portals in the mountain top led to a purple desert.

We now know the name of the desert as the plains of purple dust.

The place got blasticated some time ago. We found out that there are some serious artifacts in this desert. We also know that an ancient civilization used to exist out here.

After tooling around in the purple desert for a little while we learn that there is a brown dragon that lives in a geode. The geode utilizes extradimensional space in almost every aspect of its construction. There are apparently drow in the geode working with the brown dragon and looking for something.

There is also a wandering monk who, it seems, has a fantastic cartography hobby. With the wonderful psionic powers of Dace, we have the map memorized and stored away along with several books.

The map has given us some clues about several key features of the immediate region. Besides the geode that we have explored as well as our initial portal (which has a once only every 24 hours stipulation) there is a haunted citadel, as well as a couple of towers and a giant pink crystal castle infested with undead.

The castle is on a island/moat and is somewhat sunken. It appears that the undead are mindlessly searching for an artifact. We would like to get to that artifact first. Aen has been having a blast chopping up undead but it appears that the zombies are not as simple as they appear to be. These zombies seem augmented somehow as if they were created by someone who finds art in the creation of undeath. We know that the zombies are stronger, more coordinated and better armed than normal zombies. We also know they have a chill about them, and when one dies they explode in a wave of negative energy.

And with Portia's bardic music those zombies have been exploding very frequently

We have made good head way into the castle and are now about to hopefully get some answers. With the help of our "Rod of 1 Minute Monkeys" Melchiah has scouted out that through the next portal lies a lot of stuff. We step through to see An array of undead before us and at the end of the large room is a giant crystalline Golem, seemingly crafted out of the same material as the castle. Iocuno hates golems, or rather he hates the anti-magic capabilities golems possess.