Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Session 2 and Aftermath

Session 2 was shortened a bit due to Scott Pilgrim, but that movie is pretty good.

In our last episode we saw the characters visiting Skuld, which is the largest city in the nation of Mulhorand. The city is basically run by clerics of Thoth and seems very orderly and lawful. Extremely lawful. On the other axis you couldn't really get a good feel one way or another.

After finding a buyer for the Rod of Lordly Might. (Who could gather the required funds in 3 days) The group of intrepid explorers used Dace the psionic taxi to meet back up with Melchiah and Aen back at the plains of purple dust.

Using the Sword Imaskarcana's innate dousing rod-like abilities the adventurers chose the path that led them to three obsidian pylons. With some knowledge skills Portia was able to determine that maybe this was a bigger structure.

Iocuono used his arcane wizardry to polymorph himself into a remorhaz in order to burrow deeper and get a better look. However in doing so he made himself a target for the abundant purple worm population.

The poor wizard was sorely outmatched in combat, his only defense being to turn on his new form's innate heat ability. Under the distraction Iocuono was able to break free and burst for the surface only to be caught again just as he breached the purple desert by the same worm with two of it's associates following closely behind.

Once on the surface the worms were cut down fairly quickly by the combined efforts of Dace, Aen, and Melchiah with musical support courtesy of Portia.

Iocuono did indeed confirm that there was a larger domed structure underneath the sand, but he was sorely wounded and had used up most of his spells for the day. The party agreed as a whole to rest up that night.

Aen convinced the team that it would be a good idea to sleep on top of the pillars lest anything untoward happen during the night. Little lights began to appear on the desert surface shortly after sun down. As the night drove on the lights congealed into recognizable forms of people. Melchiah thought they wore religious garb, similar to the bodies he encountered within the Faith Stealer golem. As the night wore on into the darkening hours and beyond the ethereal forms all seemed to stop and suddenly yell and scream and shake then a large ghostly pulse shot forth from the pillars on which the party was perched and the apparitions were wiped clean out of the desert night.

The next morning found the party preparing for their day and then off into the domed structure underneath. The inside of the dome was sparsely furnished, it seemed like a staging area of some sort. located on a dais at the far end of the dome was a large ring set up on its end with various arcane symbols etched around it's edge. This was the object that pulled the sword. Iocuono determined it to be a massive planar gate that could be keyed to different planes of existence and most probably opened using the sword.

Exploring the rest of the structure yielded the discovery of a still active teleportation circle, an armory and a large holding area of some kind.

-There are 2 days left until your buyer will have his funds.
-You know that there are dire consequences in using the Imaskarcana improperly
-This structure looks completely undisturbed, unlike castle Bhualin which was crawling with undead
-You still don't have a definite idea of how the sword works although you figure it can open the gate somehow.
-You have not encountered the creature that tried to take the sword away from you a couple of days ago during your encounter with the Faith Stealer golem.
-You earned 4,850 exp from last session