Monday, November 22, 2010

Session 3 and Aftermath

After hanging out in the underground structure, the party decided to go after the "other ping" that directed the sword. Leading them South and East the group happened upon a weird tall obelisk in the desert with 4 portals, one of which was broken.

Cycling through all the avenues the party discovers that the mysterious horned liche has beaten them to the punch and retrieved the crown shaped Imaskarcana from it's holding place, although not with out some cost to itself. The liche had a large gaping wound in it's center and did not seem to be able to function mentally.

You know that each of the Imaskarcana must be specifically triggered by the appropriate language and bloodline, failure to meet these requirements offers dire consequences. The Liche flees to the South and the intrepid band of adventurers follows in semi-hot pursuit ( they waited a day as the liche buried a quarter of the obelisk underneath sand he himself created.)

Once the troupe finally caught up to the Liche he had already constructed a strange magical circle and was in the midst of casting a spell when he was interrupted by the meddlesome gang. The Liche tried to maintain his concentration through Dace's, Melchiah's and Iocuono's attacks but finally could not after Aen broke his focus by shooting arrows constantly.

Enraged and seemingly still somewhat lacking his regular mental facilities the Liche tried to disintigrate Melchiah then turned and fled after nearly being blasted. The Liche fled straight West, trying and failing to dodge blasts, although his spell resistance denied most of the damage it was a flight the liche was destined not to finish. Abruptly the liche turned around smiled and recived a furious blast to the face and was blasted to pieces, surprisingly leaving only the Imaskarcana crown behind.

The party maintained a Westerly run trying to search for the Liche's hideout (and phylactery)alighting on the entrance to a large cave in the mountains. That turned out to be the lair of a fang dragon named Asphyxious. After it was deemed that no liches were there (and that Melchiah and Iocuono failed a caster level check against a Nondetection spell) The party flew back to the Liche's casting circle to determine what the liche was trying to do.

Iocuono determined that the spell circle was designed as a very targetd plane shift. usually when you planeshift you show up at a random spot in the desired plane, however the Liche was trying to basically drill a hole through to a coterminious plane, the Astral Plane.

The group takes a step back and rememebers that their buyer is ready for the purchase of the Rod of Lordly Might back in the large city of Skuld.

Dace and Portia psionically jump to Skuld whilst Iocuono, Melchiah and Aen hang back with their 2 recovered Imaskarcana.

Upon to entrance Rhet-Tep's shop the party notices two clerics there who (through the gift of Dace's psionic crystal) Melchiah says look similarly garbed to some of the Mulan clerics he has seen, and they carry holy symbols of Thoth; a neutral lawful god.

High Cleric Arrarak seeks information about Deep Imaskar, The Imaskari ruins and the news that some of the Imaskarcana still exist. He has hired a different group of adventurers headed by a ranger from Battledale to search the ruins looking for clues. When the shop keeper's accounts of the adventuring group reached his ears however he decided to look into the matter himself. He seems smart, and wants to question the group further. He seems earnest and fairly straight to the point.

Currently the group is deciding what their next course of action is. Time for interim pseudo DnD discussions!

Ask away the DM will answer, although keep dice ready. It's honor system role play time.


P.S. We need an adventuring group name ala "The Order of the Stick"


  1. Okay, so clearly the Lich wanted the Imaskara. He tried to take the sword, and he got to the crown before us. If he was making a portal to the Astral Plane, it was to get more Imaskara. Since we don't have any more pings here (other than a portal to another plane), if we want to collect the whole set (like pokemon or something), we need to do some planar travel, and the Astral Plane is a relatively safe place to start.

    Knowledge Planes 22, can we function reasonably well on the Astral Plane? I.E. can we cast spells? use psionic abilities? breathe? etc.

    Assuming all is well, we should discuss methods for planar travel. I could use a scroll for the Lv5 Divine Spell Planar Shift. It's not going to be accurate, but at least we wouldn't be using the sword and the portal and get our souls sucked out.

  2. The astral plane is relatively benign. Locomotion is a little tricky at first because you can "float and move" using the power of your will. The main threats are roving bands of githyanki.

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  4. How seasoned are these adventurers?

  5. Pretty seasoned. Level 12. We have been playing for a while as well.

  6. Nice. I used to play a Cleric9/Divine Archer6 character. We took the Arcane Archer prestige class and converted it to I could shoot healing arrows instead of arcane spells. Was a lot of fun. :)

  7. Interesting. That sounds like what I'm doing with my Cleric/Warlock/Eldrich Disciple. He uses the Warlock's Eldrich Blast abililty (a ranged damage attack) and imbues it with healing energy.

    So apparently no one else has any ideas on what to do :(

  8. I know seriously!!! where is everyone?!?! I thought this would be a good idea but I guess no one else really uses the blog. :(

  9. Are these ruins where they found the crown?

  10. Yup, where the liche found the crown rather, but yes.

  11. 4,350 exp from last session by the way. Maybe I will give some exp to people that contribute on the blog. perhaps around 1,000? I don't know yet, let me know what ya think.

  12. Yes, I'd love some experience. ;)

  13. lol pavonis :)

    Bonus Exp sounds a bit unecessary. Maybe we should just send out another email to remind everyone.

  14. I might have pavonis come in as a ringer!

  15. Huzzah I'm here.
    I already threw myself at the DM's feet the other night when he was treating the Mrs and I to an out-of-this-world Mexican dinner delight.

    So I'll forego the apologies and suggest we hit the astral plane as fast as possible. If there are other players looking for these relics we don't wanna be like those last kids and Shinders who realized Uthewa's Jitte was a helluva buy, and pay out the ass for it - let's beat 'em to the punch!

    Remember Dace is on a time crunch cuz he's physically and metaphysically bleeding out, so he has no prob putting life on the limb to solve problems and do good. Higher levels and more xp in the Life Mantle might be what needs to hang around on this realm - so the bigger the challenge the better!

    See you guys Wed hopefully.

  16. P.S. it was Umezawa's Jitte - just slipping that in before any of you nerds correct me and embarass yourselves :P

  17. What do you think ann, graydoom, and jimmy?

    Also, how does psionic skin work?

  18. Melchiah's studies have drifted a bit from his Divine spells. Perhaps the hellfire is pulling him? Maybe if Dace starts to look too crappy, it could kick Melchiah in the butt to get back to focusing on healing.

    As for travel, the best I can offer is buying a scroll of Plane Shift (Lv5 Divine), and trying to use Dace's teleport once there. Hopefully Aen can sense a ping the same on that plane, and hopefully Dace can teleport as well.

    Do I know if I can use another scroll once on the Astral Plane to get back?

  19. Yes you can, but you won't go back to the same spot