Monday, November 8, 2010

Session 1 and Aftermath

Our first sessions saw a major battle in the castle Bhualin. The fight with the Faith-Stealer Golem as well as the augmented undead went fairly well (and there was that weird sand guy...). Through scouting of the ancient castle you were able to get where the undead had not.

As you discovered in the books, the Imaskari were an ancient humanoid race that lived thousands of years ago. They were primarily artificers and were fascinated by extra-dimensional spaces, as well as planar travel.

The Imaskari used their vast magical powers to open a rift and steal humanoids from other dimension to use as slaves. Over time the humanoid slaves are generally referred to as the "Mulan" race.

The Imaskari developed artifacts to seperate the Mulan deities from their people, eventually they created artifacts called "The Imaskarcana" That allowed them to kill the mulan gods, the last of which was Horus.

There were seven Imaskarcana made. The exact description of what they do is not in any of the three books. However it seems that all were designed to limit or destroy divine presence and divine magic. If a user tried to activate any of the artifacts abilities in a language other than imaskari they would pay a dire price.

That is a summary of all of the relevent knowledge you gain from the books.

Bobby mentioned a teleport protocol to sell your un-needed items. Here are some things to think about:

The Rod of Lordly Might will attract attention, it shouldn't be too difficult to sell in a larger city but they may have quesions. You may also attract treasure hunters or thieves.

The artifact sword that Aen has in his possession is indeed one of the Imaskarcana. To someone with no magical insight it appears to be just a fancy sword. Anyone with any magical aptitude will be able to tell that the sword is an artifact even without using a detect magic spell. Any divine magic user will automatically have an unfriendly attitude towards the welder unless they know them personally. From what you can tell right now divine magic has a muted affect on the sword. However you have yet to ascertain what abilities (if any) the artifact posesses.

It will be difficult to bring that sword into a large city without causing problems. There is also a good chance that now that the sword is out in the open it may attract divine attention.

If you want to teleport before the session on this wed that is fine, but let me know how you are going to do it here (I got the technical aspect, but are you going to take everyone, split up, hide the artifact, take it with.). Let me know your plan and I will work out if anything too crazy happens.



  1. Remember, the portal in the desert can only be activated once every 24 hours. There are large cities far closer to where you are besides Waterdeep and you do have a decent map of Faerun.

    Mulhorand and Thay are the two closest major countries to where you guys are located. I wonder if anyone has any bardic knowledge that might let them know more about those two places. Also I wonder what happened to to all those Mulan slaves...

  2. Someone with bardic knowledge is kind of scared of Thay...

  3. does wrapping the sword up in a cloak not mute the sword's presence? certainly no one would be able to visibly recognize it right? also, Aen could wrap it up in a cloak of resistance so if someone is scanning auras, Aen could just blame all they see on the cloak.

  4. Sure, we'll just bounce to Mulhorand if our bard wants to avoid Thay - but if this is a new city i understand if the group wants to go into detail when we arrive for the first time (i.e. do it in-session).

    Either way the psionic taxi is ready to go, just need team's consent.

  5. Iocuno tells Aen that only lead can impede magical detection. As for confusing auras with a cloak of resistance; the power difference between those two items is too great although they do generate auras from the same school of magic. Artifacts are generally more powerful than normal magic items. With a simple bardic knowledge check Portia tells the group that the people of Mulhorand are ancient descendants of the Mulan slave race.

  6. If you don't bring the sword with you shouldn't have any problems teleporting to a city in Mulhorand, selling your items and teleporting back.

  7. It seems it would be best to keep the sword away from the big city for now. Perhaps we should split up? One group stays with the sword, the other goes to town to sell equipment. Dace, Portia, and Iocuno should probably go sell stuff. I can wait with Aen and the sword if that sounds good to everyone. We can keep in contact with the PsiCrystal again.

    Mulhorand sounds like our best option.

  8. Let me know if you want to do that then. You guys can pull that off before the session tonight.

  9. Bardic info on Mulhorand...

    -Very religious
    -Population is descended from Mulan slaves
    -They keep slaves
    -Has a very hierarchical society
    -Doesn't get a lot of outsiders
    -Has just recently started opening up to trade

    Not sure if they get a lot of merchants or traders there or not...